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About Us

  • Accuramech Industrial Engineering specializes in high precision spare parts, wear parts, assemblies and mechanisms for glass bottle forming machines and other related industries.
  • Being a part of Verallia, Accuramech has an experience of more than 20 years in supplying IS Machine parts to factories all around the world.
  • Our location in Pune, the engineering hub of India for mechanical parts, presents us with an opportunity to develop a solid local network of over 50 machining suppliers.
  • We offer spare parts, assemblies and mechanisms for IS machines used in glass bottle production.


  • Accuramech Industrial Engineering has been working since 1997 as an international supplier for IS machine spare parts.
  • Being located in Pune, the engineering hub of India for mechanical parts, allows us to benefit from an efficient and wide range of suppliers. Our partnerís network is the result of 20 years of deep selection and close cooperation with Indian industrial actors. From sand to lost wax casting, conventional turning to 5 axis milling, this large number of local partnerships allows us to adapt to any requirement.
  • Accuramech team is a highly technical group of 30 people who work together with their customers to provide solutions for their IS machine needs.


  • Created in 1997 by a French entrepreneur, HBD (now Accuramech) was a small Indian entity settled in Pune which designed and produced IS machine spare parts for Saint-Gobain North America plants.
  • In 2009, HBD has been purchased by Saint-Gobain, and became Accuramech, a competitive company taking advantages of 10 years experiences buy back from HBD. At that time, Accuramech had started to grow its customer's base from few customers in one country to over 50 customers in more than 16 countries. Since 2017 Accuramech is part of Verallia group.

Key Figures

  • 30 employees
  • Over 50 different machining and casting suppliers
  • More than 1385 parts in the catalog
    • Variables
    • Mechanism
    • Spare parts
    • Assemblies
  • 200- 250 new parts developed every year
  • 50 customers in 16 countries over 4 continents


  • New Product development: For any IS machine parts required, our R&D team can design the drawings, define tolerances & metallurgy. Depending on the criticality of the parts and our know-how. We can submit a sample for approval before full production.
  • Part manufacturing: production is outsourced to one of our suppliers selected and validated as per ISO standards.
  • Quality: 100% parts are inspected in our lab before delivery to ensure a full compliance to the drawings.
  • Parts are assembled as per international standard and procedures.
  • Assembles are tested as per industry requirement before shipping it to customers.